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Their App Store description is comical: "Note: Wizzy is a work in progress. Things will break, you'll be sad, we'll be more sad, but we're working hard to fix bugs." I respect that. Curious how this compares to my favorite music-making app, Mindie. Downloading now. EDIT: just gave it a test run. Interesting, Wizzy doesn't give you an option to choose which music you use. While this limitation sounds annoying, it's actually kind of nice. One of the friction points with Mindie is thinking of a song to use. Wizzy eliminates this entirely and surprises the creator with a random (I assume) song that can delightfully change the entire context of the video.
@rrhoover yep, the song selection's random right now. Don't ask me b/c I have no idea how it works but somehow almost every song it chooses is perfect for the video. Eventually we'll be smarter about how we choose songs, maybe something like Beats where we'll ask "What's up?" and give a list of options like "Working out" "Going to the club" "Partying" "Chilling" etc.
@rrhoover @jonah and, of course, a Kanye only mode.
@rrhoover @jonah Every song is perfect because the human brain fills in the gaps and makes it work. It's why you can watch almost any movie trailer for example with almost any song and it often works; they just feel different. ^^ obviously not always true for all things for all people ^^^ still i'm mostly right
@rrhoover @jonah @thetylerhayes then I guess the human brain was wired to make Wizzy seem perfect, then. Can't argue with science :) Would love to know if you find any songs on Wizzy that actually dont work!
Hey, one of the founders here. We built this at Greylock hackfest last July and finally got it App Store ready. Happy to answer any questions. There's still a ton we have to do (so many damn bugs), but we think Wizzy's great and hilarious. Add me and send me something, I'm 'jonah'.
Another founder here! @rrhoover, hope you enjoyed the Wiz I sent back and thanks for letting me jump in. Happy to answer any and all questions. Of course, we are just in the very first stages of with Wizzy but are having a blast already. My username is 'james'. Can't wait for Wizzy the Wizard to charm you all with his musical magic.
It'd be really cool if you could iMessage the videos directly! Definitely similar to Mindie but I appreciate the simple execution.
@brackin definitely thinking about sharing. I built a hack where you could add a video you created directly to your Snapchat story. Will hopefully ship it eventually. For now you can save videos to your camera roll then iMessage them.
@jonah Really enjoying the app. You should have a button to invite friends or share the app. I want to get all of my friends on it so I had to hit the app store and share from there.