Wizeline Roadmap delivers a simple tool to develop eye-catching product roadmaps that foster real-time collaboration - so you can align, build and deliver what customers love.

Our teams use Roadmap to collaborate, align on responsibilities, and visually share progress updates with stakeholders.

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We've made a ton of product updates since the last comment, so I thought I’d post a quick comment to (re)introduce Wizeline. In brief, Wizeline is a platform that’s purpose-built for driving smarter product management decisions. We make it easy to: +Understand what customers/users want — and what they’ll pay for +Use data to prioritize intelligently +Communicate key product updates to your team and other stakeholders +Automatically track product success metrics to support iterative learning and product ROI metrics We’d love more input, so please comment away!
New Roadmap features and plans are now available! If you haven’t used Roadmap before, it’s a simple application to visualize and share eye-catching product roadmaps so your team can deliver what customers love. We are offering all new users a free trial of Roadmap Pro that unlocks new features and workflows. Check it out here: https://goo.gl/wNw9zA We are starting customer advisory boards in 2018 and are always listening to our users. Reach out if you're interested in participating or have any feedback.
I like the idea of closing the loop on measuring the results of features you launch, but always find feature request lists a waste of time; a giant icebox (if you're in pivotal) just seems to clutter up a product process when really...if it's important you'll keep hearing it from different sources. What you really want above all though is PROBLEMS, not FEATURES. Generally, I've found you need to dive into discussions with your team or a customer to understand the problem that led to the feature request. You can then quickly find out that either A) Many are asking for the same thing...just with different solutions in mind or B) It really turns out it's not that important to them.
@evanish Great point re: problems. Too often, users start providing details on how they themselves might devise a solution... A bigger button. A dropdown filter for "Name." A new user role with extra admin permissions. While it's a start, this is rarely the type of feedback that should directly influence product direction. You need to delve deeper to uncover and understand the true user problem. FWIW, we have many users who define problem statements as their default feature "format" within the platform. They'll merge any new related requests they receive and gather more info from users. Then, they'll use the total number of requests, measures of business impact (e.g., revenue), survey results and other data to help inform their decision about which "problems" to prioritize first.
Brief product update... We just announced the release of Wizeline Starter, a free version of the platform that allows product managers to: +Create and share visual roadmaps +Automatically route & manage feature requests +Use surveys to get stakeholder feedback +Adopt a data-driven approach to release planning & prioritization +Track development progress via JIRA integration +Collaborate on a single product with an unlimited number of users Anyone with a corporate email address can sign up and start using Wizeline Starter for free: https://app.wizeline.com/#/signup