Wiza 2.0

Create email lists from LinkedIn, then reach out at scale.

Wiza is magic. Sales reps spend around 17% of their time on prospecting. With Wiza you can speed this up 4-5x. Small businesses around the world and sales teams at companies like GrubHub, Cloudera, Oracle, and even Amazon AWS are loving Wiza.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for sharing Wiza 2.0 @Kevin Hey everyone, I’m Hans, the Head of Growth of Wiza. I'm super excited to bring you Wiza 2.0 and Wiza Connect. 10 months ago we launched Wiza here on Product Hunt. Wiza allows anyone to generate verified email lists directly from LinkedIn within minutes. We created the tool internally while running a cold email agency and reaching out to thousands of prospects a week. We needed an effective, accurate, and easy way to export Linkedin searches. Wiza accomplished that. With our new feature Wiza Connect, you can now take all those prospects you generated with Wiza Prospect, and reach out on autopilot! Some cool features we hope you'll love: - no monthly fees - only charged for verified emails found, and we skip duplicates - generate 100's of emails in 1 click - no more copy/paste - it's click&go - automatically go from linkedin search, to email campaign - custom schedules and templates for email campaigns - campaign analytics including open rates, CTR, and much more We've received a 5/5 rating on our launch for Wiza Prospect and are hoping you'll check out Wiza connect and will love it just as much!
@kevin @hans_dekker Thanks Kevin! We're super excited to launch Wiza 2.0 today.
I love what the Wiza team is up to, they've put a lot of thought into designing the product knowing you'll use it frequently. I haven't started using Wiza Connect yet, but judging from how easy-to-use Wiza Prospect is, I trust they'll deliver when I get around to ditching my current cold email outreach tool and move my campaigns over into Wiza Connect. It's rare to find SaaS products that gives you a sense of relief from the dread of wrangling with yet another complicated software. I can't wait to setup my first campaign in Wiza Connect.
@tomobloq the feedback and kind words are very much appreciated. Looking forward to connecting more in the future.
Have used Wiza & Wiza Connect, and can vouch how straight forward and simple it is to use. Have helped my team reduce a lot of time spent on lead gen and start reaching out to my leads automatically . Would definitely recommend.
@anandbobby Very much appreciate your feedback Anand, means a lot to us! :)
@anandbobby Thank you! We're glad to hear!
I was so sceptical when we found Wiza but it really does what it says. Great scraping and email finding combined with a good UI, great value and easy to use. If you can build proper integrations then this is virtually the holy grail of prospecting – particularly valuable for companies who will find it hard to build decent target lists organically.
@jonathan_ross3 Thanks so much. Seeing how I've dabbled in a lot of tools myself and always go into things with a skeptical POV, I know exactly what you mean. Seeing how we've turned that into possible 'the holy grail of prospecting' is an amazing feeling. With the updates and integrations we have coming up I'm confident we can live up to that. Thanks again and we'll keep working on making Wiza the best lead-gen tool in the market!
Linkedin and automation are not good friends especially with an chrome extension. Why I would risk to use your tool?
@ben_duagim Great question. Tbh, the T&C are somewhat of a grey zone. But we are very low touch with LinkedIn - we look at your search results, and that's it. Otherwise we're scraping the web for email and other data. Keeping everything low touch will keep you out of trouble.