Create email lists from Linkedin Sales Navigator

Wiza allows you to turn any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search into a clean list of verified emails, ready for outreach.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Haven't used it yet, but the idea is great! Do you plan to do this tool for other websites?
@lena_grechits Thank you! Yes, the ultimate goal is to give users the ability to easily scrape websites without any knowledge of coding.
Thanks so much for hunting us @kevin - we're excited to offer this tool! Let me know if anyone has any questions.
Used this product to get a few leads for our outbound campaign, the tools works great. Really loved the UI and accessibility. Keep up the good work Team Wiza.
@zeeshan_ahmed7 Thanks so much!
Been using Wiza for two weeks and I'm amazed by how the tool works. If you're using any outreach tools that can have LN Sales Navigator URLs as a parameter then you don't even need the e-mails for those prospects. But the company e-mails are the best added value for those prospects. Would love to see an integration with ContactOut just so you can then get the personal e-mails as well.
@cosankov Thank you for your comment! A great suggestion that we're looking in to :)

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