Animated users sessions heatmaps of your website.

Witness helps you find deep insights in how your users interact with your website. With Witness, you can observe users interaction with your site in a form of animated heatmap of users' activity on every web page.

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Cool! How is this different than functionality that has been available in other tools like Hotjar?
@chris_kilbourn I would like to know this too. We use Hotjar on numerous websites and the heatmaps have always been proven to be a success! Now if Witness is able to easily combine other things then that would certainly be interesting!
@chris_kilbourn @shuyinsan HotJar and similar tools provide only static heatmaps (e.i. one webpage -> one heatmap). Witness records users activity in one second intervals and produces one heatmap for every second of user visit on every page. Heatmaps are then consolidated over users' sessionss and presented as an animated heatmap. In addition, real-time heatmaps are also available: https://ph-files.imgix.net/6a7df...
Hey Product Hunt, I was running web development company for almost 20 years. UX design and site optimization was one of our primary services, and during all this time our team was struggling to make web site designs work better for end users. Improvement is impossible without high-quality analytics and here is the problem. Analytics is always painful because we face: - lack of information to make deep analysis of user experience on the website - not enough time for analytics - complicated interfaces that make analytics even more time consuming. Everyone faced these problems. I’m sure that almost every marketer can confess that site analytics could be conducted much better. Without analytics you miss growth points in marketing, don’t find bottlenecks to fix in your website and, in result, lose money. One of our clients with complex product page has tried 8 page designs before users started converting as expected. That’s why we decided to develop the product that is able to make the user experience best analytics you have ever seen for all of you. Meet Witness! Witness is a service that help you find deep insights in how your users interact with your website. With Witness, you can observe aggregated users behaviour on site as you browse your site. Just active Witness by pressing Ctrl + Shift + H on any webpage and you are good to go. No charts, no tables, no wasted time anymore. Just Aggregated user sessions heatmaps and real-time usage of site for essential insights of webpage usage. Each insight is an opportunity to grow marketing, hidden in your site usage data. Using them, you can make right decisions, act faster and grow. Today we release the first version of Witness with support of consolidated users sessions heatmaps and real-time heatmaps. Additional insights in user experience is possible by analysing individual sessions. Our next task is to simplify and make accessible analysis of individual session. We have some new idewas regarding this so, stay tuned! I hope you will find our product useful and Witness will help run your business smoothly.
Cool product Matevz :) Have you guys considered offering a Free Forever plan like Hotjar?
@daviswbaer We'll see about that. You can try witness for free for a month (no credit card required).