Without Permission

Lessons learned from reddit, hipmunk & YC - in book form!

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@alexisohanian I listened to your book during my commute. It was definitely an inspiration for moving on from my day job and taking more of a risk. I'm not diving into my own project yet, but I'm moving down to SF to learn at Tradecraft with @rrhoover next week!
I read this a few months ago and found it a really interesting read. Wasn't very familiar with @alexisohanian or Reddit (as it's not as popular over here in Europe), but could definitely relate to the general concepts of the power of a free internet. Well worth the read.
Thanks @Andrewpyott + @lylemckeany! Glad you liked it. And we're working on a bigger international push in 2014, but the numbers are already trending in the right direction: http://www.redditblog.com/2013/1... (this doesn't include mobile traffic, mind you, which would put reddit's monthly uniques around 200M).
Your recent blog post/excerpt from the book, http://alexisohanian.com/on-being-a-proud-non-technical-founder resonated with me as a non-technical/engineering founder. There's a lack of recognition for the value in all the non-technical aspects of building a company that doesn't get talked about often in the startup community. Engineering is obviously important but that's just one part of the challenge. Anyway, I'll end my tangent (but there's more here if you want to fill your Pocket). :) @alexisohanian - What's the ONE takeaway you want your readers to leave with?
I read Without Their Permission the first week it launched and was pumped up throughout the entire book. I think the most important lesson is the books namesake, that you don't need anyone's permission to make your ideas happen because the internet empowers individuals. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an idea but hasn't actually started yet.