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The bootstrapped way to 🕵hack revenue:

📧Cold outreach script I used to get first $700

💰Copy testing for my first paywall

🚥Using Excel doc as MVP

🕺 Hacking growth in Chrome Web Store (75k list in 30 minutes)

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I’m lazier than most of you. lol I’ve upvoted many items on product hunt that help with things like list building. But I didn’t want to spend ad dollars and do content marketing for years to build the list. Like you, I get distracted easy... have no time haha. So I tried to find a way to buy small companies that already had big lists and I ended up cold emailing a bunch of Chrome Extension owners: This was process I ran: - Search chrome web store - See where the “Last Updated” date was more than 6 months old (good change creators didn’t care about, meaning I could acquire cheap) - Hunt down creator email and reach out I ended up buying SndLatr for $1000 and rebranded it to The Top Inbox. Was tons of fun (adrenaline!) No lawyers. This was our “official deal”: So I spent $1000 to buy SndLatr which had 30,000 active users (according to chrome web store) with over 1000 five star reviews. It was a completely free tool. My first priority was trying to figure out how to hack some revenue out of this without pissing off the user base. So I thought… I only want 5% of the total free users to even see the paywall. And I only wanted to show the paywall to the “most active” users. I defined “most active” as how many times they sent an email using “SndLatr” button. So after looking at usage metrics, if I only wanted 5% of the free users to see the paywall, it would show to anyone who had 15 or more uses in the past 7 days. This is the first paywall I launched: I wanted to “protect the opportunity cost” of this paywall too. Meaning, I didn’t want to lose users because of it. (especially my most active ones!) So I let people get around it, but they’d have to click “use one more time for free” every time (not productive, but at least they didn’t have to pay $5). This performed well. I didn’t lose users, and over the first 2 years, here’s what happened. (May 2016 when I acquired to May 2018) Stripe account from first 2 years after I bought the tool for $1k: $153,700 ain’t to shabby for something I acquired for $1,000, and added one paywall to. (Growth was organic due to high position in Chrome Store, I never had to run promotions or content or anything to keep growing this outside of the rebrand and website code/dev at TheTopInbox.com) Anyways, I don’t say all this to brag. I know most of us are ground level kind of folks. I just wanted you guys to see that sometimes, if you get super creative, you can save yourselves years of building by doing a fun deal with a Chrome developer :) This story is 1 out of more than 36 in my new book “How To Be A Capitalist Without Any Capital”. I hate the word capital, but Random House - my publishers - said it “tested well”, so we’re rolling with it haha. Lastly….. I feel kinda guilty about posting something that’s “for sale” here on product hunt…. So I set up CapitalistBook.com to give anyone who can’t afford to pay the $27 to buy the book a big free preview. I’m sitting here in LA at Rose enjoying a coffee while I write this (btw $5 for basic coffee is ridiculous... LA thing?): how meta meta meta :D Anyways, I think you guys will enjoy the stories in the last couple chapters (this one especially): Talks about when you find a blog post ranked #1 for a keyword you want, how to convince the writer to go edit the old post and put your backlink at top… The email script I had to test 100’s of times to get this to work turned out insane. Put finals in book for you guys :) Ok… gonna go top off this coffee. Getting cold. Gonna chill here most of the day to engage with you guys! Hope everyone has fun weekend plans. - Nathan CapitalistBook.com for 35 other hack things I've done like the chrome story above. 🐱🐱🐱 Put your questions below so I don't get bored haha :)
@nathanlatka Ahahah did you actually take photos of your screen with a camera? Man you deserve an upvote :D
@sidyakinian i know... super meta haha
@nathanlatka @sidyakinian well he had to get the coffee and the book cover in there somehow, didn't he? ;)
@nathanlatka Congrats on the book launch. The content and step-by-step process in the book is what makes this book a must have! *Disclaimer: I have a pre-release copy and the content is amazing.
@sethlouey howd you get that early copy :P nice meeting you the other day Seth!
Just looked at your chrome reviews and how you allegedly don't allow your users to cancel their subscription: https://chrome.google.com/websto... YIKES
@alexandrapersea we do its just we did a poor job making it obvious where to click. most of those are very old posts and I cancelled them manually. you should email them and they can tell you :)
@nathanlatka Lenny Longo2 days ago Has no back end billing support. I think it's just one guy collecting cash and hoping no one cares about back end billing support. I called Nathan on his receipt and emailed him. Nothing. I then placed a stop payment on our credit cards. A one sentence email would have been sufficient and saved me a lot of time. Kara HobbyModified Feb 4, 2019 WARNING - there is no way to cancel once you subscribe, they will keep billing you! My bank opened a dispute but said the only way out was to cancel my credit card. Very dishonest company with no cancellation policy and doesn't answer emails! Been billing me for a year. BEWARE A Google Use Jan 4, 2019 STILL unable to cancel despite multiple attempts. No answers from emails or customer service or Nathan and they keep charging me. There is no "gear icon" to click to cancel. Total scam. "very old posts"
@alexandrapersea Thats 1 a month out of 1000 customers, and 30,000+ users. Very proud of that actually. Totally cool with you pulling screenshots but you should be fair and pull not just the negative ones. Many more positive ones:

I have followed Nathan for a few years now and had a Skype call with him in my Entrepreneurship class. He's the real deal!


--there is nothing hypothetical about this book --this dude "walks the walk" --It's a "disruptor" approach


This book can be improved on, only by putting out Volume 2 asap.

That's what's great ... It's like an addicting "when's the next book coming" type of product.
Where is the chrome extension? I can only see this one, which has 30K users (today, not 2 years ago)... https://chrome.google.com/websto...
@mehul_patel1 That's the one. Just look at the reviews
@alexandrapersea Yeah, I figured. This def seems like some bullshit because it only has 500 reviews today and he says it had 1000 5 star reviews. Things just don't add up.
@nathanlatka is a great, outside-of-the-box thinker - brings me back to entrepreneur club @ VT. I'm sure this book is worth it. Upvoted. All the best Nathan!
@kraftykyle been forever man! that was almost 10 years ago :) thanks for popping in and for the nice words.