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Not bad for quick side projects. Also check out Squarespace's do-it-yourself logo builder but one of my favorite hunts from the past month is Design Rails which uses your company name, keywords, and categories to generate a logo.
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@rrhoover Another good one along the lines of Design Rails is Tailor Brands (http://tailorbrands.com/)
Just saw this mentioned on Twitter and had a quick go - looks like a good tool for nice minimalist logos!
well got through the process ok, but the site failed on trying to download a logo.
@SacBookReviewer Same thing happened to me.
Designing a good logo takes time, so when we launched http://www.couponhunt.co we did not had a logo, Its just text with bigger font. Now with Withoomph its looks super easy to create logos.
Cool product, not free (as stated in the bio).