Withings Hair Coach

A smart hairbrush. The future of hair care.

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I like Withings but seriously isn't this just a product that is solving a problem that doesn't exist?
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@steve_howe I don't know. I initially was thinking the same thing. But I have short hair, so what do I know.
@steve_howe there's a multi-billion dollar hair care / beauty industry for a reason... I can tell you right now that people don't actually understand what's going on with their hair or how to appropriately fix it, they just throw products at it / on it. This helps fix that.
OMG I want these for every room / bathroom in my house and as gifts for every woman I know. This is insanely cool and doubly so because ALL THE DATA 😍 I can't wait until the fall when I can have this in my hands!
@katesegrin exactly what I thought. If it's helpful I'm buying this as a gift for women I know! Can't wait till fall 2017.
@katesegrin can you share what's so appealing about this for women in particular?
@anderson760 nearly every single one of my female friends has long, unruly, hair (and a LOT of it), so they're already used to regularly brushing their hair and spending a lot on hair care products to control / tame / style it. Withings' brush would allow them to more efficiently care for their hair because it'd be coming from a place of more knowledge, and knowledge is power, yada yada. I speak of women in particular because from a place of personal experience, all of the women in my life have long, thick hair that requires lots of brushing whilst the men in my life all keep theirs short and find brushes unnecessary (rather, they opt for combs). This is from my seat of experience, @anderson760 and I'd genuinely wish I had more guys with man buns in my life to talk to on the subject, but alas, I don't (as of now), so long/medium-length-haired women is all my expertise covers.
@anderson760 I second @katesegrin. The U.S. beauty industry had revenue of $56.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2015, and hair care is 24% of that. (https://www.statista.com/topics/...). Personally, I'm one of a very few # of women who do not spend a ton of $ on haircare. I have really thick hair and a lot of it so it's pretty resilient. I wouldn't buy a smart brush, but I could see women with thin hair wanting one. I would buy a smart hair straightener or hair dryer. Some women spend $200-$400 on straightening treatments so there's definitely a market.
@leggomymego @katesegrin thanks for sharing, that makes a lot of sense. I hope to see more products in this space
This smart hair brush looks like a way to sell me Keratase products based on BS data. Not all data is relevant.
God Dammit. Millennials need an app now to brush their hair?
Smart Hair Brush 😎