Bookmark any product and get alerts when the price drops.

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For Indian audiences we have http://thewatchlyst.com price alerts. Works quiet well.
My buddy @koesbong has been working on a similar product called Salemarked (http://salemarked.com). Honey (http://joinhoney.com), a chrome extension that automatically submits coupons at checkout, is a related product I use and love.
I like camelizer for price monitoring (on amazon especially). @rrhoover what sites have you found Honey to work well on?
@_jacksmith - I've only used it on GoDaddy so far (I don't do a lot of online shopping) but once landed myself a $1 .com. :)
Rad. We've recently started to use Price Drop notifications on Pinterest (http://blog.pinterest.com/post/5...) and people love it.