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Now anyone can host their own AMAs to share their expertise and passions with their followers or fans. Love the platform. My brother is a power user he loves it so much.
@writerpollock Thanks for hunting Tristan!
Hey, I'm a Co-founder of Wiselike. I'm the product guy. Feel free to ask me or Kyu (the CEO) a question. We're happy to answer :)
@designerdarius who's been your favorite AMA?
@designerdarius yep, I'm one of the other founders (and CEO). Let us know if you have any questions!
@writerpollock My favorite has been Eric Whitacre's (https://wiselike.com/eric-whitacre) - mainly because I learned a lot about what someone can use Wiselike for. He got lots of praises on his page, and people who look up to him had a place to quickly get his word on something. I'm looking forward to when Guy Kawasaki launches his page on Wednesday. You can see when certain people are joining here https://wiselike.com/featured
@writerpollock Yeah, like @designerdarius said, Eric's been awesome. We had Susan Bennett (voice of Siri) join us today and she's been awesome too: https://wiselike.com/susan-bennett - she was also such a pleasure to work with.
Really great team over at WiseLike :) I signed up!
Seems awesome. How are you different from Quora or Reddit AMAs?
@emigna Wiselike pages are not just live events or one-time things. It persists. The idea is to use it as a page to showoff what you're good at (most likely it's what you do for a career). You build a subscriber-base through Wiselike over time (similar to followers on Twitter). These subscribers get notified whenever you answer a question, so it's a more direct connection than Twitter currently does with tweets in a feed. We are aiming to help you create a more engaged and professional set of personal subscribers than what you'd get from Reddit or Quora. We want to help people connect in even better ways with their subscribers in the future. We hope this is more valuable than just a one-time 'AMA.' Thanks for the question :)
@designerdarius - oh that's really cool. i just requested an invite :)
Looks like a great idea. Look forward to giving it a try.
@robertwilliger Thanks Rob! Looking forward to seeing you on there! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!