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Tom Piamenta — co founder, WiseStamp
Hello hunters, howdie gatherers, and thank you @benln for featuring us!

A quick “about us”: I’m Tom, cofounder of WiseStamp. We’ve built @wisestamp so we can help micro-businesses and self employed professionals to promote themselves and build their brand online.

We started out with a solution that allows users to create a dynamic and social email signature to promote their business online.

Then, we figured out that we can take the data from the signature (Name, Title, profile image etc.) and with a click of a button transform it into a whole Webpage dedicated to the user.
It worked beautifully and while still in beta we have over 8,000 published Webpages.

We call this product WiseIntro (see what we did there?!) and we are really proud of it. You can create your own ravishing Webpage in seconds (you don’t need to have a WiseStamp signature, you can start from scratch).

WiseIntro has a set of apps and integrations to enrich your Webpage - from Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram to your own custom HTML code. You can choose from 17 integrations and apps & 4 more are coming in the next couple of weeks (Sales countdown, accept payments to Paypal, promote your Mobile App and Testimonials).
I’d really appreciate if you can take a few seconds to let me know in the comments which integrations you’d like to see so we can add them!

And of course, would love to answer any of your questions so feel free to ask me anything,
@postmoretom great way to cross sell your products, really nice job.
Yaniv Goldenberg — Growth Strategist @WiseStamp
@andhugg thanks Andrew!
Yuri Shmorgun — CTO, WiseStamp http://yurishmorgun.com/
UPDATE: PayPal Intro app is now live! You can now accept PayPal payments directly from your WiseIntro page -no coding, HTMLing or other hassle required
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