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Kawsar AliSenior Digital Marketing Manager
This is an extensive resources. Thanks.
Vinish Garg
Co-founder @OutcomeConf @ContentHug
In the sample chapters, I do not see a note on how "wireframes-for-desktop" should respond to mobile which is so important now. I like the reference to content inventory and since the guide talks about wireframes, I am not expecting detailed chapters on how to reach that state of "knowing what to sketch" (different phases in UX and content strategy), but a note on planning wireframes for mobile (adaptive content) could have been the real value takeaway from this guide. @jerrycao_uxpin, correct me if I am mistakes or if you have covered these 'adaptive content and so mobile wireframes' details in the guide.
saved for later reading. thanks for the ebook :)
Lizzy ZhouGame designer, nxTomo
Hi, could I translate the e-book to a Chinese version?