Wire 2.0

Crystal clear voice, video and group chats, encrypted

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Wire’s voice calls have always been end-to-end encrypted. Today, we expand this to include all conversation content — text messages, video calls, photos, sketches. It is all now encrypted end-to-end, which means it is private and secure. We believe Wire is the only solution in the market to offer fully encrypted audio calls, video calls and group chats that work across all devices (including Mac OS and Windows). The encryption is transparent, it’s always on. Unlike specialized security apps we do not sacrifice usability for security — there is no set-up or configuration and the encryption does not get in the way.
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@teller What end-to-end encryption protocol do you use?
@mbelinsky Check our security whitepaper at wire.com/privacy - has all the details
@teller Is it opensource? Edit: it is open source :)
Congrats! Wire is indeed the most beautifully designed messaging app. Apart from introducing end-to-end encryption on all content, what else is new in Wire 2.0, @teller ?
@martinmcgloin As Sandis said - video calls. Also encrypted, available on all platofrms - mobile, tablet, desktop.
The quality of calls is excellent. The most beautifully designed app that has end-to-end encryption.
@sandissauka Thanks, Sandis :)
Wow - the 2.0 looks like a serious thing, encryption all the way is a tough challenge and looks like you guys made that happen!
And the design - man, this has been always beautiful, but I bet you have bunch of users who just marvel the screen and do nothing :)
@kristjanlepik Far to kind, sir :)
I've been a big fan of Wire since I started using it about a year ago. Embedded Soundcloud widgets and pings are two of my favourite features - not to mention the crispy HD call quality 👌
@lemurf Thanks, Liam. What would you add next?
@teller I don't really know if it's about adding right now. The functionality of this app is second to none and really enjoyable to use. I think it's about refinement. A different typeface could work really well in polishing the app slightly. I feel like the current offering is slightly generic.