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Are you related to https://assembly.com/? Your logo is almost identical.
@willmonk Not related, just a coincidence.
@jmsuth @willmonk Noticed the resemblance right away as well, but hey Assembly is gone now.
@jmsuth @willmonk wow, really having a hard time believing that. font is even similar...
@8bit proxima nova soft has been around for a while 😁 it is very similar, but was really unintentional. Believe what you wish
@jmsuth how do you stack up against Trello and others in this space?
@bentossell Great question, this is something I get asked a lot. The main difference is how you structure projects. In Trello, you typically use one board at a time, and create as many columns as you need for your project. This often causes the UI to scroll horizontally as the board becomes more complex. With Wiplo, instead of one board with unlimited columns, you create a board for each stage of your project's workflow, and each board/stage only has four columns: Later, Upcoming, In Progress, and Complete. Because of this, when a user jumps between different boards and projects, their eyes go straight to the In Progress column, instead of having to scroll horizontally or figure out how this new project they're looking at is structured. It's a subtle change, but has had a huge impact. Going forward, we'll provide analytics for a project so you can understand how each stage of your workflow is doing, and identify who the rockstars are for each stage. On top of that, we are insanely focused on clean, minimalist design. We want the experience to be pixel-perfect and delightful, and believe it's about time enterprise software caught up with the rest of the design world 😁
@jmsuth interesting! How did you come to this conclusion? Is this something people are really looking for? It's becoming quite a crowded space so less and less room to define a USP so keen to see how you plan to continue innovating here. What are your bigger plans too?
@bentossell It started out as a tool I built just for myself. I am an extremely organized (borderline OCD) person, and the current solutions were just too busy for me, and didn't match how I worked. I wasn't positive at the time if it would resonate with others, but the feedback has been amazing so far. As for bigger plans, I don't want to give away everything just yet! We like challenging how things are, and are going to continue doing that.
@jmsuth I like hearing founders building for themselves first! And can definitely resonate on the borderline OCD (although mines not organisation) Hmm ok ...
The UI is very beautiful. @jmsuth I like that you have a designated workflow. That makes it easier to learn
@dredurr Thank you! We are extremely dedicated to design and UX, so that means a lot.
One of the things I really like about this is how focused and uncluttered it is. I've tried many productivity and task management apps, but I rarely stick with them. I think a large part of that is being overwhelmed by features and having too many decisions to make each time I create a new issue. This, on the other hand, seems so focused that the effort to keep it up-to-date is minimal. I'm sure some people will want a more "kitchen sink" approach, but for me in this case, less is more. Great work!
@jmsuth tell us about the updates to Wiplo!