The typewriter simulator for macOS

Without losing focus of your ideas, without the constant backtracking and endless fussing over your text, judging it too soon and killing your ideas dead!
Winston is about putting imagination and ideas on "paper" and making a mess while you're doing it.
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I intend to do more writing this year and I'm already a fan of Ommbits by Ommwriter, and Winston looks like a clever skeuomorphic alternative to get into the groove.
It look great!~ Nice work
Does the roadmap read Winows in the near future? ;) Great work guyS!
Love this! Started typing as usual, made a mistake, and backspaced (as you do) only to be surprised and realise what an amazing thing the typewriter is. It was unnerving, in a way, that I couldn't go back and delete my mistakes, but had to cross them out instead, leaving a big blotch on my paper. A good reminder of how much we've taken writing for granted. Forces you to think before you write—much needed in our times. Well done, makers, and all the best for the future.
Nice work, it looks great