Ommbits by Ommwriter

A minimal space for writing short things.

OmmWriter is an immersive experience. This means that it helps you focus on your writing and keeps you in the zone. But sometimes we don't want to completely vanish from the world for hours. We just need a small break, a bit of silence to write a line, a concept, or an email.Ommbits by Ommwriter is

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3 Reviews5.0/5

I surprised how this simple app helps me to focus when I need to concentrate and write something. Heads up for Ommbits !!!


Simple Cool Cheap



I love a product that only ever claims to do one thing, and do it well. Their original product, OmmWriter, has served me well for years as a distraction-free writing environment. It was already deceptively simple: it had a few font options, a few background options, a few audio options, and that was it. With Ommbits, they've gone even further. There are no settings to be found, just a blinking cursor. There is literally nothing in the UI that can distract you. It takes over your entire screen and gives you a space to write. End of story.
Love this. Very simple allowing you to focus quickly when you have an idea you need to write down.

Does one thing and does it well.


Simple, mindful, easy


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I'm a big fan of Ommwriter and have used it for years. Ommbits is a great extension of the Ommwriter philosophy. I'm surprised how much I enjoy using Ommbits. It's the place I go to first draft copy now.


Simple, does one thing *very* well


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