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Sara Mauskopf, CEO of Winnie.com
@sm · CEO and Co-founder at Winnie.com
Hi Product Hunt! CEO & Co-founder of Winnie here. Today we’re officially launching https://winnie.com/childcare, a comprehensive directory of every licensed daycare and preschool in San Francisco complete with descriptions, pricing, availability info, photos and reviews from parents. It’s especially helpful for finding home-based daycares that aren’t oth… See more
Anne K. Halsall
@annekate · Co-founder & CPO, Winnie
Hi, I'm Sara's cofounder & CPO of Winnie! I designed the product and worked on the data collection effort. If you have questions about how we built this or feedback on the UI I'd be happy to hear from you!
Hunter Walk
@hunterwalk · Partner, Homebrew
oh man, wish this existed when we were going through the process!
Kim Cellere
This is an amazing resource! I'm sharing this with all my friends!
Andrew Mager ♫
@mager · Moving people with code at Postmates.
Sara and Anne, Excellent work! The webpage is beautiful and has lots of useful data. Thanks for building this.