Wingman for DJI

Flight formation for DJI Drone

"Wingman for DJI" let you fly multiple DJI Drones together with your mates, it makes your drones keep flight formation automatically. Take photo and video for drones flying never be so easy.
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Someday about two years ago, I went out with friend and fly our DJI drones, we found it's difficult to fly two drones together tightly by our controlling, also we tried to take a shoot each other's drone while they were flying. It is not easy to localized each other's drone though our FPV Video even they were flying above clearly sea. After that I found there may have solution to do it. Almost for one year design and develop, Get through the App Store review and released few days ago.
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Wow, this is wild. Reminds me of the Intel's drone light shows:
What use cases have you seen or imagine for this, @zhejun_chen?
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@rrhoover Year,it is possible for make a small light show by this way. But for huge number of drones flight there may require a center process to handle their flight. Also it require unified signal source device to broadcast commands.