AI assisted real-time cue cards and feedback on sales calls

Wingman is software that helps sales reps close deals by listening to their conversation and automatically giving them the exact information and feedback they need in real-time.
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Thanks for the hunt @kevin Hello Product Hunt, My name is Shruti Kapoor, and I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of At my previous job, I built a sales team from scratch for a large fintech startup in a new geography. While onboarding and training new reps, I realized that the lengthy onboarding process was largely about reps acquiring 'tribal knowledge'. This was an even bigger challenge with a remote team, and as a sales outsider. I thought there must be a better way. (Read on for freebies) How much of the stuff you learned in lectures in college stayed with you after a few months? It’s not surprising that 80% of sales training is lost in 1 month. We built Wingman to address this problem head-on. Wingman 'listens' to sales calls (across all your favorite platforms e.g., Zoom) to automatically give sales reps the exact information and feedback they need, in real-time. It helps new reps onboard quickly and helps experienced reps stay up-to-date with product features, case studies, and competition. Individual users can leverage it to set personal feedback loops to overcome bad habits, and to take notes more effectively during the call with our real-time bookmarks. We’re excited to share this with the Product Hunt community and would like to offer individual users free access to Wingman! Just mention Product Hunt when talking to us, and we’ll help you get set up.
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@kevin @shruti_kapoor This is amazing, congrats for launching!! 🔥
Congrats @shruti_kapoor ! Amazing job
Congrats! I'd have loved to see how it works without asking for a demo. Even a 30 sec video where you show someone using the tool would already help to picture what the tool is all about :-) hope this makes sense.
@nicocaramella Yes Nico, makes sense. It is in the works but happy to do a 5 min demo in the meantime.
@nicocaramella Thanks Nico. Like @shruti_kapoor said, we're working on a video but in the meanwhile I can tell you how it works - our bot joins your meetings, listens to the conversation and brings up relevant information and feedback on your desktop in real-time. For example, if a customer brings up a competitor, wingman will show the rep a battle card with short talking points to use in that context.
I saw a demo of this a few weeks ago and it was incredibly impressive. Wingman feels like the future of sales training and will probably be table stakes for people in tech. Reminds of me Spiderman's best friend...It's basically the guy in the chair whispering into your ear exactly the information you need to close that next big deal.
@ilikevests Thanks Kevin. Co-piloting sales, one rep at a time :)
As soon as I heard this product existed, I dropped everything that I was doing and signed up. High quality transcriptions, great integrations, unparalleled customer support. I highly recommend.
@sannteklabs Thank you! Glad you're finding Wingman useful.
Love the real-time aspects of this. Would be great if this were somehow linked to Google Docs or a CMS/LMS (for larger companies) to make loading / keeping content up-to-date easy. Very cool and love where this is going. I'd get a lot of piece of mind just knowing our reps are consistently answering questions like "how is this different than X?" or "how much does this cost?"
@williamdinkel Thank you! The Google Docs idea is a great suggestion and we'll look into it! We are also exploring integrations with CMS/LMS systems. One challenge we have encountered is that a lot of the content that teams have created on those systems today is very long form and we think that would be really distracting for reps to have to parse through in calls. Would you agree?