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Transform your browser to improve focus & boost productivity

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Stop surfing... start doing. Win The Day transforms your browser so you can set goals, get focused, cut out distractions, protect your time and GET MORE DONE.

GOAL TRACKING allows you to set daily targets & achieve your goals

FOCUS MODE blocks distracting sites and set an intention for every session

HABIT TRACKING helps you build good habits

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to navigate, clean and simple interface


    Missing option to change calendar view to map out daily targets

    Set-up took very little time. Very user-friendly interface. I wouldn't mind if one of the themes was just a solid color. A couple of them make me want to daydream. I like that when I go to open a browser, the interface surfaces but I can easily override it.

    I'd like a more traditional calendar view to map out daily targets which could then be auto-populated into the daily view.

    Overall, I like the extension a lot.

    Tawanna B Smith, MPP has used this product for one day.
  • Ryan ChinPrivate Equity



    If it had more than 1 "goal" at a time

    Win the day is helpful in making your goals more "sticky". The reopening of new tab adds a constant, but gentle, reminder which in turn motivates you to finish what you set out to do. I highly recommend you get this ontop of having your checklist.

    Ryan Chin has used this product for one week.


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Jess ChanMaker@jesschann11 · CMO, BestSelf Co.
Hey Product Hunt! Our team at BestSelf Co. is incredibly excited to launch Win The Day to the community today. Our mission is to create meaningful products that help people become their best selves. We set out to craft a tool that would help people win the day… every day. Win The Day is our new Chrome extension designed to increase focus and boost productivity. We’ve built in key strategies that we’ve seen work over and over in helping people hit their goals: goal setting, establishing a deadline, and tracking progress with daily targets. The habit tracker also allows you to set new habits and build your streak. Focus mode allows you to block distracting websites and set a timer for each work session. Our team has been building tools to help people become their best self and win the day. We’re so excited to share our newest tool with you. We’d love to hear your thoughts & suggestions on Win The Day for Chrome. Thanks everyone!
Allen BrouwerMaker@allenbrouwer1
Thanks @andrewwarner for hunting! Keeping yourself accountable of your time & focus is tricky. But when you have something staring you in the face every day, it puts a little reminder to take action toward that goal. So, this is one reason we've created Win The Day for Chrome. A very simple extension that transforms a New Tab in Chrome into a productivity, focus, and goal setting machine. It's so much more than a productivity app. The extension is broken into 3 parts. 1. Goal Setting: Set a goal and choose a time frame when it should be completed. This will prompt you to be intentional with your time. This section also helps you focus on the 3 most important things you should be doing each day to reach your goals. Think of this as Momentum, Be Limitless on steroids. 2. Focus Mode: We all go down the rabbit hole of YouTube, Facebook, etc. Even Newsfeed Eraticator can't keep up. Give yourself the freedom to NOT get sucked in. Focus mode lets you block social channels and other sites you frequent (Pro Tip: block your email account) so you can focus on the important things. 3. Habit Tracking: Adopt positive habits into your life by creating "streaks". Set up to 4 habits you'd like to implement, set the frequency you'd like to perform them (on a weekly basis) then check them off as you go. You'll receive streaks if you're on a roll. Keep the momentum going. Now Go WIN THE DAY! PS: We love feedback. Please connect with us and share your wins! S/O @michaelapproved
Michael Khalili@michaelapproved · Business software development
@allenbrouwer Great to see everyone enjoying this extension! Hi everyone :) I'm the lead developer on the project. LMK if there are any tech issues you need help with.
Pratik Gupta@pratikgupta2 · Growth, Sales and App Marketing
@allenbrouwer @michaelapproved Hey Can we add more task in a day?
Jess ChanMaker@jesschann11 · CMO, BestSelf Co.
@allenbrouwer @michaelapproved @pratikgupta2 We intentionally designed it so you can only set 3 clear tasks that help you achieve your goals. One of the major challenges we faced before was an overwhelming to-do list that meant we would end up only getting a few things crossed off... and still feeling like we did nothing all day. The limit to 3 tasks is based on the 80/20 principle: we want to focus on the 20% of things that's going to bring us 80% of the results! Hope that helps (:
Joanna Griffiths@jogriffiths · Chief Knixpert @Knixwear and @Knixteen
Love this guys! Looks great!
Allen BrouwerMaker@allenbrouwer1
@jogriffiths Thanks!
Katie Weiler@katieweiler · Project Coordinator at Intently
Love the idea of this extension, especially the part about how easily it helps with tracking habits. I just downloaded it and it's not loading. My mac OS is 10.12.4 and my Chrome is version 60.0.3112.113 Also wondering if I can access the habit tracking on my iPhone during the day.
John Sherwin@j_sherz · Hydrant. @Quartzy, @Oxford Bio
I'd also love to hear if there's a way to access the habit tracking on mobile?
Jess ChanMaker@jesschann11 · CMO, BestSelf Co.
@katieweiler @j_sherz we've only built the Chrome extension for now. Since our laptop is such a key part of our workday, we felt it most important to get it onto our browser first - where we would see it most! We'll definitely consider extending it to mobile for the future (:
Michael Khalili@michaelapproved · Business software development
@katieweiler Hi Katie, I'm the lead developer on this project. I think the issue you were facing was resolved earlier today. We had such an overwhelming response and I had to upgrade our server hosting to accommodate it. Can you please give it another try and let me know if it's still giving you trouble?
Allen BrouwerMaker@allenbrouwer1
@katieweiler @michaelapproved Good problems to have :)
John Sherwin@j_sherz · Hydrant. @Quartzy, @Oxford Bio
@katieweiler @jesschann11 Thanks Jess, makes sense. Awesome job with the Chrome extension!
Dmitry Kornyukhov@dkornyukhov · Translator, Founder of
Yay to winning the day every day! Thanks for building this guys! Looks epic! Will be trying it out on my Chrome!
Allen BrouwerMaker@allenbrouwer1
@dkornyukhov awesome!