Will my tweets get me fired?

Scan your old tweets for offensive words

Will my tweets get me fired? is a simple webapp that scans your past tweets for potentially offensive tweets that you don't agree with anymore and could get you in trouble

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Clever idea, @augustvdeven. Suggestion: Maybe scan someone's account to surface 3 questionable tweets and mask the remaining behind a paywall.
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@rrhoover I'll do that, thanks for the idea! I have to keep the amount of scans down though to prevent my server from frying 😊
Hi everyone! A lot of people have been getting in trouble lately because of tweets they sent a long time ago. People change a lot and probably have different views now compared to some years ago. To be sure your twitter account doesn’t contain any offensive tweets you don’t agree with anymore. That's why I made this tool. How does it work? Your public tweets will be scraped from twitter.com. Just fill in your username and wait a few seconds to minutes for your account to be scraped. You'll get a list of all your tweets that contain bad words with links to each tweets so you can do anything you want with those tweets. You'll also get a link so you can access your list later.
@augustvdven love the idea, though to be fair, if I worked somewhere where the boss went through the trouble of scanning all my tweets and then firing me over one, I'm not sure I'd want to be working there in the first place 🤔
Sounds like a good idea! In the countries (like Russia) it can be interesting for political activists to scan their FB or TW posts if it violates anti-"extremism" law.
Amazing idea! This is always a concern really
This product is definitely something I needed because I'm old and dumb now, and I created my Twitter account when I was younger and dumber. I had a slight issue when using it that was really my fault. I messaged @augustvdven on Twitter and he helped me in minutes! Can't complain and can't recommend it enough!