Record your browser actions for automated workflows πŸ”₯


Ian Mckay
@iann0036Β Β· Wildfire Creator
Hi Product Hunt! I'm excited to introduce the Wildfire extension to you all. Wildfire lets you record your actions within the browser, customize the steps and playback those actions. It's similar to extensions like iMacros and Ghost Inspector but I wanted to do my own take on manipulating the steps in a different way that's both easy to use and can have gre… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhooverΒ Β· Founder, Product Hunt
What's the primary use case for this, @iann0036? QA? Personal automation? Trolling? All of the above. 😁
any plans for other browsers like Firefox?
Norman Dutt
@zeelogΒ Β· CJO
Hi - Looks very interesting. I am SDFC DevOps/RM and would like to know the following: Has this been used for SFDC QA testing? If so, any feedback/notes. If not, I will provide notes on my experience. Second - can the testing be scheduled via a CI server like Jenkins. This will raise enterprise acceptance much faster Lastly, can we create a workflow around … See more