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Hi Product Hunt! I'm excited to introduce the Wildfire extension to you all. Wildfire lets you record your actions within the browser, customize the steps and playback those actions. It's similar to extensions like iMacros and Ghost Inspector but I wanted to do my own take on manipulating the steps in a different way that's both easy to use and can have great complexity to it. That's why I chose to create a visual workflow editor to swap and change those actions. Wildfire currently runs on your local machine (even on a schedule) to allow you to do testing on internal systems, or online with sensitive data. It also has the ability to do some expression handling for things like loops or value comparisons which I think is really powerful. I'm always looking for feedback or feature requests so feel free to reach out 😁 UPDATE: Wildfire is now available for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB...
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@iann0036 it's a great idea πŸ‘
@nassaraf Thanks Naomi!
@iann0036 Amazing work Ian! Glad to see that it was super well received on PH! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
@robjama Thanks for hunting me! πŸ˜ƒ
What's the primary use case for this, @iann0036? QA? Personal automation? Trolling? All of the above. 😁
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, Yep, all of the above! The idea is that it's simple enough to be used with small macro-like workflows but has the ability to do really complex things if needed.
@rrhoover @iann0036 I wonder if there's a collection on Product Hunt for "trolling" apps! 😁
@jevinsew there are some gems here. 😊
any plans for other browsers like Firefox?
@catapop84 Hey Catalin, Firefox and Opera versions are actually already on the way to being released. It's currently being held up by their respective extension store moderation queues, so it's probably a couple weeks off.
@catapop84 Hey Catalin, Apologies for the delay, the Firefox version is now available: http://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/...
Hi - Looks very interesting. I am SDFC DevOps/RM and would like to know the following: Has this been used for SFDC QA testing? If so, any feedback/notes. If not, I will provide notes on my experience. Second - can the testing be scheduled via a CI server like Jenkins. This will raise enterprise acceptance much faster Lastly, can we create a workflow around the testing so that Business/QA/UAT testers can use the generated test builds in sequence for testing. Wishing you all the best Norman
@zeelog Hi Norman, Thanks for the feedback. I've not heard of anyone using Wildfire for Salesforce testing yet but if you need any enhancements or support to make that work I'd be happy to help. As Wildfire is a browser extension, it's pretty hard to get it working in CI. If you can control the environment and have Wildfire pre-installed on your agents, you can preload a profile with the relevant tests and run Chrome with a start parameter. Note this is currently unsupported but I'll be looking into better ways of doing this soon. On your last question, if you have your test builds deployed using predictable, sequential URLs (dev1, dev2 etc.) then you can use expressions to construct the incremented URLs and loop back around. If you need help with any of the above, give me a buzz at support@wildfire.ai