Wildcard (Pre-launch)

Your filter to meet the most interesting people at events

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It's "Tinder for events", think this is a great concept :) Maybe @samuelbeek or @milann can answer some Q's!
@bramk whaaaatuuup?! Thanks for submitting Bram! We're here to answer questions if you have any.
@bramk "Tinder for events" was exactly what I thought when I saw this. @milann, have you been marketing it that way at all?
@bramk @riaface @milann I would definitely use a tinder for events app like Wildcard. Most event apps are really bloated and don't really help you make connections.
@riaface we actually don't, we respect people that see the similarities but we don't use the Tinder for X analogy, because it's so different :). The analogy of wildcard is receiving an opportunity to enter someone's network, instead of going to a messaging service, you immediately get each other's phone number and connect (like exchanging a business card). So Wildcard is a human filter basically to get each other's contact details to connect. Thanks for the feedback :D
@robjama that's what we think :) conferences and meetups are solely focused on meeting people, because talks will be online live or later. Thanks for the upvote Rob! :)
I'd suggest a possible name change given the recent startup with the same name that just raised 7m -- http://www.crunchbase.com/organi...
Hi Guys, Sam here! Im in the Wildcard team. So if you have feedback or suggestions, please let me know:)
@samuelbeek Looks interesting. One of the more useful "Tinder for X" apps that I've seen. Please share what made you create this? How would I know others at the event I am attending have this app? Is there a browser-based alternative to lower the discovery barrier? Seems like an event organizer post a short url to attendees would go a long way. Like many of the event polling apps? Great stuff.
@lekanb hey thanks for the questions! We started this at a conference hackathon because we love to efficiently connect with the most interesting people at events! Built it within 28 hours and tested it at the conf, people loved it! So we decided to chase this. It will be a challenge to get events to use it, but we believe all these info conference apps are useful as a information, but not to connect. While conferences and meetups are solely for meeting people (because all talks will usually come online) The filters have to be better and better as we go. Also specifically for cities, events, and other places. Thanks again! If you have more feedback, shake within the app! :) we're using @instabug
Congrats @milann and @samuelbeek on the launch! Looks awesome :)
This could be so super-useful, really imagine myself using this at various meetups to get to see who's around quickly. Could eliminate that painful moment where you're standing in a room full of people and have nobody to talk to because you're new! Super cool @milann & @samuelbeek - I'll be cheering for you :)