WiFi Map

A crowdsourced list of routers and passwords

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Apparently WiFi Map has over 2M access points documented across the world. This would be particularly useful for travelers. It's available on both iOS and Android. h/t @herbertlui for this hunt (via Lifehacker)
This is cool. Microsoft implemented a feature quite like this into Windows Phone a while back. It allows you to share WiFi network credentials with your Facebook friends - you can just walk into their house and it will connect to their home network without you needing to ask for the password. Trouble is, not many people have Windows Phones.
@_jamesmundy Thank you! Its a cool idea for our app, looks like we should also add possibility to share WiFi credentials between friends on Facebook and push them right into phone.
@kirillkudin agree, that'd be a great idea.
Useful app with lots of wifi access available in the Paris area for instance. It's kind of a shame to see ads pop up with the pro version though...
Cool idea, I bet this will come in handy! It would be awesome if I could take a screenshot of my WiFi networks page and then the app could figure out if any of those networks have public passwords.
It looks like a lot of the entries are populated from foursquare reviews mentioning "free wifi", so at the moment not a significant percentage of items have network names or passwords (i.e. you would still have to ask at the coffee shop). Still, as pre-populating crowdsourced data goes, that's a pretty smart way to get a lot of it.
@nickoneill I noticed this as well! The icons used for the locations also look suspiciously similar to those used in Swarm/Foursquare...