Alexa, ask wiffy what the wifi password is

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Ⓜatt hartman
@matthartman · partner @betaworks
Thanks so much for hunting! At @betaworks, we're going deep into voice interfaces with our new voicecamp accelerator (@thebetacamp). It's important to us to understand the nuances from a consumer perspective. So in preparation, I did a quick hack with my friend @orarbel to make Wiffy. The idea is that when friends come over to your apartment, or guests are i… See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Made closely with betaworks voicecamp as a way to learn more about voice interfaces Easter Egg: Once it's installed you can say "Alexa, ask wiffy to turn on Donald Trump Mode" or "Alexa, ask wiffy to turn on Samuel L. Jackson mode"
Parker Agee
@parkeragee · Software Engineer
I love this. I wish there was another way to access an Amazon skill via voice on Amazon devices. I can remember "Alexa, what's the wifi password?", but if I don't use a certain skill frequently, it can be difficult to remember the skill name (3 months from now: "Alexa, ask [skill name that I can't remember] what the wifi password is."). I think Amazon will h… See more
Julien Chaumond
@julien_c · CTO at Hugging Face
Congrats @matthartman 👍 Any way you can submit to non-US Alexa skills stores?
@jqiye · Software engineer / Designer
How does it know what the password is?