Alexa, ask wiffy what the wifi password is

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Thanks so much for hunting! At @betaworks, we're going deep into voice interfaces with our new voicecamp accelerator (@thebetacamp). It's important to us to understand the nuances from a consumer perspective. So in preparation, I did a quick hack with my friend @orarbel to make Wiffy. The idea is that when friends come over to your apartment, or guests are in your office, or renters are staying at your AirBnb, they can just say "Alexa, as Wiffy for the wifi password." On the product side, the main learning was around when *NOT* to use voice -- we found that it's actually easier for people to type in their wifi credentials via text message than spell them out via voice. But also found that the Alexa account linking feature is pretty clunky. So our onboarding starts in Alexa and then goes to SMS when appropriate. Would love thoughts from the @producthunt community
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I just put up a post on producthunt with detail on lessons learned building for Alexa: https://medium.com/@MattHartman/...
Made closely with betaworks voicecamp as a way to learn more about voice interfaces Easter Egg: Once it's installed you can say "Alexa, ask wiffy to turn on Donald Trump Mode" or "Alexa, ask wiffy to turn on Samuel L. Jackson mode"
@bentossell yeah, that doesn't work so well. Tries to read out the "in audio src:http://s3.amazonaws/wiffy...."
I love this. I wish there was another way to access an Amazon skill via voice on Amazon devices. I can remember "Alexa, what's the wifi password?", but if I don't use a certain skill frequently, it can be difficult to remember the skill name (3 months from now: "Alexa, ask [skill name that I can't remember] what the wifi password is."). I think Amazon will have to solve for this eventually as the number of skills in the skill store grows.
@parkeragee 💯 agree. One option is to keep the sms thread so you can remind yourself. But definitely a UX issue with voice apps in general
Congrats @matthartman 👍 Any way you can submit to non-US Alexa skills stores?
@julien_c have only submitted to the US skill store but will see what we have to do to get it up in the UK. Thanks!
How does it know what the password is?
@jqiye you enter it as part of the onboarding. I updated the medium post to outline this in more detail for those who don't have an Alexa or don't want to install it https://medium.com/@MattHartman/...