Create a live demo of your widget on any website

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It's really unclear what this does.
The full title is: "Create a live demo of your widget on any website with zero integration" It's a sale tool for widget companies. Using widgiFIRE they can create live demo of their widget on the potential customer's website in few seconds.
@orenbarzilai - do you have an examples of this in the wild? I'm unclear of the use case/purpose as well, TBH.
@rrhoover for example let's assume that I am a sales agent of AddThis, that wants you to add AddThis to your website (http://producthunt.co). Instead of just sending you an email to checkout http://addthis.com or screenshot I made using Photoshop, using widgiFIRE I can generate a real live demo of how AdThis will look & feel on your website. For example check out this demo of AdThis on Product Hunt http://www.producthunt-tmp10302-...
@orenbarzilai - got it! Ok, you sold me. That is clever!