Whyd for iOS

The songs you love from any music service

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Whyd is a free (and legal) music service that lets you organize and share your favorite music from any streaming service... Today, they launched their first iPhone app :) You should try it, it's free and they could use some clever feedbacks.
@syswarren Thanks Julie for presenting the Whyd app to the Product Hunt community. We would love your feedback guys!
Hey guys, Do you have plans for connecting soundcloud/youtube/whatever accounts? I really want to love the app (and the service) because I use too many different music services. But if i'm browsing let's say twitter, and someone post a soundcloud link that I "like" on their site, there's no way I'm going to search the same song on whyd a second time and add it to my playlist. (the chrome extension only solve a part of this problem because it won't work on mobile for example) If I could see all my "likes" from every site on my whyd stream, that'd be fantastic.
@cadeuh Hi Gaëtan, we're thinking about it. More to come after the summer! Btw, I'd love to chat with you about this idea. Can you drop me a line gilles(at)whyd.com
Great for the generation of teenagers that exclusively streams from YouTube, SoundCloud, HypeM, etc.