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#3 Product of the DayAugust 07, 2016
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Nice, what is the difference between WhosOn and Drift/Intercom?
@rotemthegolfer WhosOn has a self-hosted option, and it's significantly less expensive than Intercom, which I believe starts at $40 USD per month.
@dereksilva oh cool. Do you support GIFs in your messenger?
@rotemthegolfer haha first things first!
@dereksilva @rotemthegolfer unless you only need one person within your business talking to visitors on your website, pricing is actually very comparable with Intercom Acquire when you look at pricing on a per month basis.
There is already a free alternative https://www.tawk.to - so why i should use WhosOn ?
Mobile experience is not good. It redirects users to another page. Also no RTL support?