Whole Foods Market Bot

A bot to browse and search for recipes — even using emoji

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This is really well done. I could see it being really useful for "I have these 4 ingredients, what can I make with them?" situations
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@heyadamcrouch I am using it this way and works really well. First I said I have pasta, tuna and tomatoes and sent me some recipes. Now that I said the past is linguine is advising spaghetti. My italian bias suggests still linguine but it's pretty close!
I kind of hoped you could like take a photo of an item/it's barcode in the store and send it over Messenger to get more information or recipes... I wonder if that's coming or possible?
@chrismessina problem is bar codes are mainly on packaged food. Produce and other ingredients often don't have any barcodes to read 😕
@heyadamcrouch @chrismessina Computer vision would work pretty damn well in this case. Somewhat limited corpus of possibilities.
@chrismessina Keep your fingers crossed. We are hard at work.
@jeffmjenkins sweet! Would love to read up on any early learnings or your design process for how you arrived at what you launched!
Hi! Jeff here from Whole Foods. To answer a few questions: 1. What led to the bot? --We always want to innovating and meeting our customers where they are. We had two key insights. A) Customer are always messaging/texting in store. Asking their partners or parents which type of peanut butter to buy, etc. B) People are looking for inspiration in store. They wonder past a gorgeous piece of salmon on sale and wonder what they could make. In fact ~50% of recipe searches come in aisle/store. So when you pair those two insights together, outcomes our first and most compelling use case. 2. We wanted to keep the use case as simple as possible as our POV that keeping a single use case in chatbots at the moment makes for a more compelling product. We also didn't want to spam you everyday with a recipe. There are some spammy bots out there. We like to think of this as another way to have Whole Foods help you in the kitchen or store when you want not when we deem appropriate. Thanks for all the support. Hope you enjoy and please if you have any feedback, we'd love it!
@jeffmjenkins Hi, Jeff! I'd love to talk to you more about the Whole Foods Market Bot. Is there an email you can be reached at? Thanks, and congrats!
much yes
Neato! I think this could really take advantage of "Hints" instead of only buttons to reduce multiple cards for the same request. Also being able to type more phrases would be nice. We made that switch in our bot here: http://m.me/tastingtable