Whitehouse on Facebook Messenger

Send your stories, ideas, and concerns to President Obama

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Can't wait to share my best GIFs with the President!
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@jason_weingardt Not to mention my dank Joe Biden memes!
@boymeetscode There's no other kind of Joe Biden meme!
@joshm @goldman44 Great product. I love how the White House, under President Obama's leadership, is keeping up with modern communication. I can't help but to think about how this could go bad. On that point: How do you manage (inappropriate) messages? How many messages do you receive a day? Who reads the messages, and who selects the 10 letters that the President reads daily?
Thanks, Obama! Seriously. This is cool :)
Do you think they'll have someone actually go through everything? I think this is great but wouldn't the spam be unbearable?
does this compete directly with letters to Santa?