Jobs at companies that don't conduct whiteboard interviews

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Whiteboardfree helps developers find jobs at companies that don't whiteboard during the interview process.

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Victor Bordo
Victor BordoMaker@victorbordo · Indie Hacker, Software Developer
Hello! My name's Victor and I'm a co-founder of Whiteboardfree. Tony and I met on IndieHackers about 2 months ago. After hitting it off during a couple conversations we agreed to try building something together. Because job boards are solid first project material, we decided to make one both developers and companies find useful. We thought it'd be nice for devs to identify jobs at companies that don't whiteboard during their interview process. We planned, designed, and programmed while balancing full-time jobs and family obligations. A few weeks later we had everything ready to go. Because this is our first project used to gauge how we work as a team, we weren't expecting much when we launched on Hacker News last Friday. Then the Hacker News post shot up to the #2 spot on the front page and stayed there for most of the day. 387 upvotes and 344 comments later, developers are making it clear they'd like to see Whiteboardfree stick around. We're thrilled to be launching on Product Hunt today. Special thanks to Davis Baer for hunting us!
codeln@codeln_spaces · Codeln
@victorbordo hello Am Dennis from Codeln we are also following way into the world of whiteboard free interviews.We provide monitored online work spaces that vets programming skills using workplace frameworks. Check out https://codeln.herokuapp.com/ for our process.