Skype brings whiteboarding capabilities to it's interviewing platform. Sketch out your ideas and scenarios and woo your interviewer with the new feature.

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Hey everyone! My team has developed an awesome functionality for Skype! Now you can whiteboard during Skype Interview calls and showcase your thoughts much better. Everything is real-time, you can even see the cursor of the other user. Try it out at and tell me what you think :-) Thanks, Rene
Does it need to install or it be in new skype updates?
@kotteanker it's completely web-based. No download or even sign-up required! Check it out
Great job!! I’m looking at this for other platform such as slacks ,UberConference etc
@ayush_chandra ...or just use Skype 😜
Can we record the sessions?
@vrungta Stop leaking our roadmap! :D
@renebrandel oops did not realize this was a public forum, wink wink ! Awesome ! That would be the killer feature.