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Hey Clark, just wanted to say Noon Pacific is DOPE and you have astounding taste in tunes. Excited for you!
@mtlbagelboy Thanks Joe! 🌴
Thanks for the post @tdavidson! Some background on why we built this: We built White Label after seeing brands/festivals needing a new way of reaching/retaining fans. None of the current methods (email/social media) provide much value to the customer, whereas a curated music app that releases recurring mixtapes helps build brand loyalty and offers a new way to engage your customers. We have been able to consistently build a fanbase for 3 years with Noon Pacific using this method, so we want to provide that platform and best practices to other brands/curators.
Very cool. It would be fun to have my own personal music app and I can see this being useful for music influencers/artists. Apparently Color Myx is built with this.
@rrhoover Definitely — let's get you an app! I'm excited for the day an artist drops their album on their own app then keeps all the fans engaged throughout the year with recurring mixtapes... Thanks for checking it out!
Oh man, this is brilliant! Would love to see my peeps #prophetsofrage jump onboard
@casielane Thanks for checking it out! Have them hit us up!
This is really really cool, and the landing page is beautiful, Bravo!