Whisky Notes

Notes, tips and quotes about the Water of Life

A place for whisky enthusiasts to learn and know more about the spirit they’re drinking, and the industry that makes it, one sip at a time.
There's also a Whisky Bars list. Feel free to add suggestions.
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👋 Hello there PH'ers, Last night I discovered Glide, which let's you turn spreadsheets into apps, and realised that I could recycle an old web app I built back in my WP days. It only took an hour to collect the posts, customise the appearance and prep it for Glide. I'm working on something bigger, so in the meantime, I figured I'd pop my PH cherry with this simple app. Hoping some of you drammers get some value out of this. Follow us on Twitter for regular notes on your timeline. See you at the bar 🥃
Pub 32 in Mission Viejo
@brendanbeirne Thanks for the suggestion. You can add a bar directly in the app under 'Whisky Bars', then clicking the ➕button at the top.