Helps Uber drivers maximise their earnings

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Herb Pinder Jr.
@herbpinder · Entrepreneur, WhereMySurgeApp.com
Hi, Napoleon - we actually have Philly on the list, so you shouldn't have to wait too long! You're right there are many variables which can be looked at in concert with the data - we’re talking weather, flight data, Events, and more. We’re definitely looking into it and using the great feedback Driver-Partners (like you!) are sharing. And yes, we're reviewin… See more
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Ria Blagburn
@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
Currently testing in Washington, it identifies surge pricing areas and locations that could experience surges in future due to sporting events etc. Looks pretty early stage, but good concept!
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love the name. 😀 I'm curious how effective it is, particularly because surge pricing seems to fluctuate frequently.
Tori Bunte
@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
Interesting! When do you plan on rolling out to California? I have friends who drive in the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles. There is definitely a strategy to maximizing earnings while driving Uber but a lot of it is very time-and-event based. IE: post-bar crowd, festivals in SF. But this would be super helpful for the lesser-known triggers for surging Uber dema… See more
Dani Loebs
@daniloebs · Marketing Consultant
Is it possible that by getting more drivers to potential surge locations, you'll lower the % of the surge pricing for users? I see a potential win-win.
Napoleon Suarez
@napoleonsuarez · Founder, Fishbox
As an Uber driver myself, I can't wait for this to make its way to Philly. One thing that I am starting to notice is that Monday mornings seem to be a very popular time for airport runs (which are very profitable for me.) I'm wondering if any of the flight data has been made public by the airlines. This could also be used to predict the money driving times n… See more