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Hello PH, tweet @whereisco and we will create your own page to share your location, no login required. Choose and share as explicit of a location as you would like. Happy to answer any questions.
Interesting idea -- another invisible app. I just tweeted at @whereisco and it returned https://whereis.co/rrhoover. @barnettlklane - while I like the simplicity, I'm struggling to find a strong use case.
Hey @rrhoover, thanks for taking a look! So the idea came about from @caseyjohnellis, as a traveling individual, having a page you can direct people to that shows your whereabouts (he uses it in an email signature). We then took that idea and allow people to share locations that are not publicly identifiable (home/work/the city) so that the individual has full control over what context they are sharing. By eliminating the history of past locations and allowing the individual to select the granularity of the location, this gives a security minded person a more flexible platform to do there location sharing.
Another bit of magic from @reptarazar and @barnettlklane - great work guys!
Like tweetable Glympse? Interesting. I use Glympse regularly for family, friends and colleagues. And even the odd craigslist pickup. What is the use case for whereis that glympse doesn't solve?
Hey @ryanmac, thanks for taking a look. So Glympse uses your actual location/gps while https://whereis.co does not. This gives you more fine-control over what is actually broadcasted. Some people might want to share locations that aren't identifiable (home/office) to the general public, but to those who actually know the person.