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Fabian Bartsch — CTO & Founder, Where My Nomads At
Hey guys!
Where My Nomads At is a young network for digital nomads and travelers to stay in contact with each other and find other travelers on your location to connect with :)
Our plan is to build this tool very close to the community, so we are really appreciate if you want to give us some feedback on this!
Justin Klemm — Founder & CEO, Ghost Inspector
@fabianbartsch I thought about this concept a lot while I was nomad'ing around the world from 2010 - 12. I had a steady (remote) dev job to do each day and felt like my situation didn't totally jive with traditional means of meeting people, like youth hostels and such, where it's more of a holiday vibe. I was able to use http://www.travbuddy.com/ with some decent results, but I'm happy to see that someone is tackling this and really focusing on the digital nomad.
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