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Highlight your site in Google and keep eye on Competitors

#5 Product of the DayJuly 31, 2019
Highlight your & competitors website in search so you know where you & your competitors are in search page at a glance.
also helpful when you want to highlight trusted website in search results like StackOverflow so you can quickly jump to right website.
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Hey Product Hunters πŸ˜€, I got the idea for this extension while I was searching for different keywords in Google search To find where my website is ranking for this I need to go several pages and stare at every URL Then I thought about highlighting it automatically so no more staring and combined with competitors website highlighting I can know where my competitors are on the same page.πŸ‘€ Use Case: 1- For Digital Marketer, SEO, Blogger you can add your and your competitors URL and use the Google Search as you do 2- If you are not into SEO just casual user then you can add your favourite websites and next time when you are looking for something on Google Search your fav sites will be highlighted Did you find it useful?
Yes, for sure I would recommend this extension. Every handy and useful for digital marketer out there. Happy marketing.
Yay! 😍
Awesome concept that will make my day a lot easier. Thank you for making this. If you are to take this a step further, I would love to know which page on Google my internet site is featured on!
@kristian_naess Thank You! I understand but this extension is only focused on highlighting website to quickly find website instead of looking at every single website.
As a person who spends a lot of time on SEO i find this tool to be very useful
@sonya_eldarova Exactly, staring at every single URL every day becomes tiring for SEO people when you do it every day.
Yes!!! Great idea :) Thank you!
@kyle_bristow I'm glad you find it useful :)