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Jobs to be Done has helped me better understand why people buy (or "hire") a product, and why they switch to new products. I thought I understood JTBD, but @alanklement BLEW MY MIND with this book. He starts with the fundamentals, and then digs in deep, going back through the history to help you understand each layer. I had a chance to chat with Alan on the MegaMaker podcast; it's a great primer if you're looking to get a better sense of Jobs.
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After being excited about JTBD when I was first introduced to the idea, I struggled to learn more. I was fortunate to read a preview copy of this book a few months ago. It has been indispensable and shaped not only how I think about JTBD but how I think about business in general. I cannot recommend this book enough.
Excellent book. Thorough. Great examples. Read it. Read it now!
Happy to see that this book is out! Thanks @alanklement for all the work you've put in.
A must read on #JTBD really grasping the essence of successful innovation research: Understanding customer progress and context.