Wheelys Dreams

Crowdfunding for making dreams become real

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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
The world is filled with so many weird and wonderful people, it's quite cool to see a platform for weird and wonderful ideas to be funded. I think it's one of those sites where I'll say 'A cat climbing Kilimanjaro? I've seen it all now' but then the next day/month I'll see something else that will catch me off guard!
Co-founder, Wheelys
A big part of Wheelys vision is to do things differently. A lot of this is Davids struggle against Goliath. It therefore seemed natural that we do marketing differently as well. So while the big brands sponsor millionaire football players, we have decided to sponsor real people with real dreams. Kind of the same people that starts a Wheelys Café. The Mother Teresa of Crowdfunding
Ross BlankenshipStartup Expert, Technology Advisor
Love everything that this company is about.... Mission + People + Product. Go Wheely's! #WheelysCafe
Francis LeeUnicornGO! Unlimited Graphic Design
Love it, so beautifully weird and wonderful!