An illustrated guide to understanding Machine Learning

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Haha this isn't something I'd typically come across but it's pretty cool I think!
Hey Everyone! This is Sarim, creator of whatthefis.ml Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the new trending topics but very few of us (even in tech space) understand how they work. Google is of little help here. Just do a machine learning or artificial intelligence search and you will find all kinds of mind numbing and boring content. Thats why I created whatthefis.ml. Its a simple, no BS, illustrated guide that will help you get the hang of these topics in less than three minutes. I hope you enjoy it. Your feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
@sarim_haq Great little growth hack. :)
@sarim_haq some wonky UI:
@dshan Hey Derek, thanks for pointing it out.
I don't really get how this is informative? What is a user expected to walk away with by the time they've read the entire page? Sorry, don't mean to be rude.
@haichenw Don't worry Haichen, you are not being rude. The goal here is to introduce machine learning to absolute newbies with out putting them off by using technical jargon. After going through the page, we expect that readers would be able to see through the shred of mystery surrounding AI/ML and understand the basic concepts which makes it all work.
Reminds me of DontTrack.us, it's the same kind of explainer website
@grooveplex Hey Barend, thanks for commenting. You are right, I did take inspiration from DontTrack.us
Neat, good 101 for people unfamiliar with what is ML. The meme's were quite a distraction after the first few. I'd prefer to have more examples there instead.
@sarthakgrover Hey Sharthak, thanks for your feedback. : )