Start texting some rappers.

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Texting with @kanyewest:
@rrhoover I pretty much......love this.....
@rrhoover Ha this is awesome. Text Yeezus good morning every day
This must be whats its like to text with @bhorowitz. :)
Hi @nikkielizdemere! Thanks for featuring Whatsrapp! Garage Interactive is a digital agency I set up about a year ago. Our core business is creating websites but we also spend some time on side projects and experiments. Whatsrapp is a collaboration with 2 friends, Brian and Daniel. The app pulls some random replies which are gathered from lyrics of the various artists as a user 'text' them. Some replies can be really funny. We really hope everyone enjoys playing with it!
@edtoh Tell us about Garage Interactive and Whatsrapp. :)