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Someone else already posted this a few days ago (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), so I'm wondering what to do with my upvote. Gave one already. Two upvotes is too much. The app itself won't install on your Mac unless you got a non-iPhone to activate the (web)app.
@t55 sometimes products posted a while ago, never get surfaced to the frontpage and a duplicate isn't detected if a different URL was used.
@rrhoover well, the url was the same ... /whatsmac versus .../whatsmac-2, so that may be a job for the bug department. But I understand things can be pretty complicated, url-wise.
@t55 Ryan is referring to the URL of the product, not the listing on PH :) This post used the URL "https://github.com/stonesam92/Wh..." and the old one used the URL "https://github.com/stonesam92/Wh...".
@tkrunning Ah, that explains it. Always good to know how things work at Product Hunt. Thanks for clearing things up.
Something worth noting here is this does not support Whatsapp for iPhone which is a feature outstanding with Whatsapp itself NOT this hunt. What surprising is Whatsapp was originally an iOS app which was then ported to other OS's later - why have they failed to release this feature to all us iPhone users??
@sion_smith It's because of the way WhatsApp Web is architected. WhatsApp doesn't permanently store any of your messages, so WhatsApp Web doesn't talk directly to WhatsApp's servers like, for example, Facebook Messenger does. Instead, it talks to your phone which still does all the sending/receiving. This means that your phone needs to be constantly listening for WhatsApp Web connections, and this type of background activity isn't supported by iOS. If your device is jailbroken, there exists a tweak which enables WhatsApp Web on iOS so I believe that WhatsApp implemented the functionality, but disabled it in the release version in order to meet App Store guidelines
I am an iPhone user, so its of no use to me then?
@vasanthv_ That's the correct assumption. iPhone means no WhatsMac.
This is essentially just WhatsApp Web in a WebView wrapper, no?
@ghobs91 Yeah pretty much, just with some injected JS and some logic in the wrapper so that it can make use of native OS features such as Notification Center.