Generate WhatsApp message URLs & send bulk messages easily

WhatsAppr is a PWA with a simple interface to type WhatsApp messages easily and send them to multiple people and to generate WhatsApp message URLs that you can share on social media etc. e.g. a banner you can embed into your site.
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Hello hunters! πŸ‘‹ During the summer, my friend and mentor Raj told me about the need for a simpler way to generate WhatsApp message URLs. It didn't seem like a difficult thing to build but I thought it would be a great way for me to finally learn React AND launch something into the real world! πŸ˜„ And after weeks of experimenting and ideating and talking to friends, here we are! My first Product Hunt launch! πŸŽ‰ While building WhatsAppr, I've also become much more curious about the WhatsApp messaging ecosystem and plan on exploring it further. I decided to make the project open source because it'll be good to see what else the community can contribute. I've also been interested in FOSS for a while and thought this would be a good way to get my feet wet. This is my first time here so just a quick intro - I'm Shawn Pereira, a 19-year-old engineering student from Goa, India. I've only recently really dived into tech but I absolutely love the feeling. You will surely be seeing more of my work in the future! Have a great day! ❀️ Also, would love your feedback and criticisms. Feel free to ask questions!
@incept_shawn this was a quick turnaround. Thanks for building it!
Hey @incept_shawn! Good to see this being released. This looks like a neat tool, which works at promise. I find myself manually Googling the URL protool and rigging up these shareable URLs, so this will definitely save me some time. This too comes in at a good time. From the Indian perspective, WhatsApp has been picking up and with their APIs now opening up, WhatsApp marketing and bots will blow up. What's your roadmap for this product looking like? I'd like to see more variations in the share button embedded.
@raj_kunkolienkar1 Yup, I agree Raj! Thanks for the idea and the support. Ahaha, I can do that if people want it! πŸ˜‚ I have a few new features in mind but let's see in what direction the feedback goes.
Hey Shawn, congratulations on the launch. I love how easy this makes it for non tech people like me to generate links. Would it be possible to forward images along with text through such a link? πŸ€”
@renuka_figueiredo Hi Renuka, glad you find it useful! Unfortunately, as far as I know, it isn't possible to send other forms of media via a message URL. Unless you paste the URL of the media file into your message.
@incept_shawn Very nice product. We also have product related to WhatsApp Marketing. We have created a CRM on Web WhatsApp called WhatsHash. [https://whatshash.com] You should check that once, it's having features like - Quick Reply - Tags for Message, Contact and Media - Auto Sync Chat - Poll on WhatsApp - Ecom on WhatsApp - Exportable Reports - Powerful and Graphically rich dashboard and many more. Just check out and let me know if you need any help regarding WhatsApp related development. I will be happy to help you.
@kaushal_im Hey Kaushal, thanks a lot! I haven't tried out WhatsHash yet but from the looks of it, it seems insanely powerful! I'll make sure to try it out later and get back to you!
@incept_shawn Awesome project man! This'll make it very easy for me to share messages across multiple groups and spreading the word around about tech events happening :) It'll also make it easier for my friends to share it across their colleges, if there's a cross-college event happening. I'm seeing plenty of use cases for this and hoping to discover many more as I use it! Great going! Feedback : a URL shortener in-built would've been awesome!
@shreykeny1 Thanks Shrey, glad you liked it! That's an interesting idea, I'll look into it. Really looking forward to more of your feedback!