WhatsApp Share Link Generator

A handy tool to generate WhatsApp sharing links.

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 19, 2019

WhatsApp Share Link Generator is a handy tool to generate WhatsApp sharing links quickly and easily.

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Hi Hunters 👋 I've recently worked on a project where I had to constantly create WhatsApp sharing links and I was incredibly frustrated that there wasn't a tool to generate these links quickly. So I created my own 😉 The way it works it's simple: enter the text you want to send via WhatsApp and the tool will generate the link. These links are super useful if you're doing a marketing campaign where people can share on WhatsApp because they open directly into the app. Fun fact: From buying the domain to launching on Product Hunt, it took me just an hour and the whole website is just a Carrd page. Thanks @ajlkn !

I love that was made in 1 hour and does the job.


Lets ppl share your msg on WA with 3 clicks: link > choose recipients > send Use cases: promotion of products/content/contests


None - the links look ugly but you'll hide them behind a button or some text

This is super useful! Going to use it in my next project
Nice! Maybe you could add a generator that generates instant message links? The ones that include your phone number so that you can text someone on What'sApp without having them in your contacts. I like how simple this is so I just made the same thing on Airtable now :P
@anna_0x That's a good idea I'll add that
@anna_0x UPDATE: Done 😉
@mnlfrgr nice! I went a little crazy with my Airtable and added support for creating Skype links as well 😆 this will probably come in handy one day so thank you for reminding me I’ve been meaning to make it for a while. Also, congrats on creating this so fast 😀
Great job!😊 Will check it out! It’s an handy tool