WhatsApp Magic Cleaner

Clean up junk photos in your WhatsApp with just one tap

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how do you define "junk photos" ?
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@_jacksmith Hello Jack. We treat photos like memes, greetings, comics, screenshots as junk.
@_jacksmith @mayankbhagya hi :) Check our new app FastChat :) Hope it will be good for you :)
Curious as well. Whatsapp storage size is a real problem.
I second that... What's a junk photo?
Looks like a very Interesting app & we just featured it on PhoneRadar (#SundayCleaning) http://phoneradar.com/remove-spa... Here are my questions to the Founders. 1. Why does it not completely scan all the photos in one go? 2. Is there a way it would automatically schedule this scan and report, say a weekly scan? 3. Is there something planned similarly for Google Photos? Could be a great solution because a few screenshots and random photos do end up uploading to the cloud.
@amitbhawani Hi Amit, thanks for the feedback. Here're the answers to your queries - 1. We don't do a full scan because that would result in WAY TOO MANY junk photos, and reviewing them would not be easy making it difficult for you to hit the delete button. Having said that, we are soon going to provide full scan as an optional feature. 2. The application has in-built one week scan frequency, and will show you a notification. 3. Yes, we it's in works, and will soon be there. Stay tuned. Feel free to keep sharing your feedback here, or send it to contact@siftr.co. Thanks.
@romilmittal @siftr Perfect, thanks for the update. We will update the same in our story too.
my what's app needs a lot of magic
@samir_doshi what kind of magic are you thinking of?