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Reminders in WhatsApp

#5 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2019
Easily create tasks and get reminders in WhatsApp:
✅ Create Reminders with natural language
🔔 Get a message when your tasks are due
💬 Forward a message to create a task
🔄 Syncs seamlessly with Any.do
🌎Available on all WhatsApp enabled devices, worldwide
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7 Reviews4.3/5
They don't even show it costs $36/year till you sign in. Interesting but, no thanks.
@mrdobelina Seems like a bit of a dark UX pattern to keep that as a late reveal
@mrdobelina We wish we could provide this for free. WhatsApp charges $ per every message sent/received.
@omerperchik Hi Omer! I can understand that, and it's fine. But at least make it clear in the landing page that is $36/year =) I discovered it after I signed up with Facebook.
@mrdobelina great feedback, we'll fix it asap.
Interesting idea!
Very nice and useful. Good luck!
Amazing and yet it is a great idea.
Great idea absolutely killed by a paywall