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Whatnot is building a marketplace to buy & sell authentic collectibles. We review every product to ensure it’s authentic. Today, you can use Whatnot to purchase Funko Pops -- one of the most popular collectibles on the market.
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(Thanks @katmanalac for hunting this 😄) Hey Product Hunt! I started buying and selling Pokemon cards online when I was 10 using Yahoo Auctions. I can still remember receiving my first $10 check in the mail (snail mail) from the buyer of a holographic Chansey Pokemon card. I still buy & sell collectibles online, but I’ve grown a little tired of the pains of doing it. Sometimes I’ll spend hours trying to figure out if something is authentic, or a counterfeit. And, I’ve spent countless hours going through listings trying to find the exact product I want in the right condition. Whatnot was built to solve these problems by making buying & selling collectibles safer and easier. Here’s how we’re approaching it. SAFER: We review every product to check its condition & authenticity. We also require that sellers send in photos of every angle of the exact product they’re selling, so only real products in the specified condition are listed. EASIER: We’ve built Whatnot around products, not listings. Because of this, just search for the product you want, and you’ll see every listing along with its price and condition. You’ll no longer need to troll through hundreds of listings to find exactly what you want. We also provide you with a product price estimate and data on previous sales, so you know if you’re paying a fair price. Can’t wait to hear what you’ll think! Let me and the team know if you have any questions 🙂.
@grant_lafontaine1 Congrats on the launch, love the branding!
@anthilemoon Thanks! The branding is all @johnwalt -- glad to you like.
Hey Grant, congrats on the launch :) I like the idea. I'm working on a product that is useful for you. That is Hengam Hengam takes the pain out of identifying and reengaging your app's inactive users to reduce churn and increase happy customers through smart automated data-driven messaging. I suggest you check it out to see if it works fine for you. https://hengam.io
@mahshidhdi thanks for the kind words! We'll definitely have a look.
Really excited for this launch!
Love the daily drops!!
@armand_wilson1 Drops are definitely something we and the Whatnot community have had a lot of fun with. We've got some cool things planned to build on it in the future!
Oh cool, I LOVE Funko. Will check this out.
@brianjlederman That's awesome, what's your favorite Funko line? Mine are Ad Icons.